Om Ljusgårdens miljömusikterapi / About environmental music therapy. Music Therapist Andrew Rossetti´s opening speech at our PIANO CEREMONY

Watch the great opening speech by music therapist and project supervisor Andrew Rossetti (MTT, MT-BC) who took part in our PIANO CEREMONY at Barn och Ungdomssjukhuset i Lund via this video greeting.
Thank you MUSIKBOJEN for your amazing support and generosity and for helping us via YAMAHA SWEDEN to get a new piano for everyone to play at our waiting lounge, LJUSGÅRDEN. And thank you LEKTERAPIN at Barn och Ungdomssjukhuset for a great cooperation. Thank you all children, adults and youngsters, doctors, staff, nurses, families and friends for playing and singing sharing music on this very special day.

For more information about music therapy in general and the work of Andrew Rossetti and his colleagues at Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine follow this link: