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Music narratives for children and adolescents receiving chemotherapy treatment

MICO, Music and Imagery in Child Oncology, is a Scandinavian research project investigating the use of receptive music therapy as a effective, non-pharmacological supplement in reducing the sideeffects during chemotherapy treatment of children and adolescents aged 7-17.

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Music psychotherapy: Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)

A receptive music psychotherapy method based on the ability of classical music to evoke memories, inner visual imageries, emotions and bodily sensations. Combined with verbal conversation before and after the music listening, these experiences anchored in the music, are the core of the psychotherapeutical work for change.

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Environmental Music therapy in the Hospitals Waiting Hall

Ljusgårdens Musik is the name of the waiting hall att the Childrens Department at the University Hospital In Lund, where I started a pilot project investigating the use of environmental music therapy.
In cooperation with the Department of Playtherapy and Andrew Rossetti, Music Therapist at The Louise Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine in New York.
Welcome every Wednesday 11-12 am at “Ljusgården”.

Celebrate with us! In cooperation with Musikbojen and Yamaha Musik Sverige we made it and got us a new piano!
We promise Songs & Music, cakes and secret guests. Come along!

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Music & Mindfulness in staff wellness

At the child oncologyward at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, music therapist Catharina Messel was asked to develop a tool to handle the increasing level of work-related stress - a continously increasing problem in the danish healthcaresystem. Her answer was a Music & Mindfulness tool, with active music listening and visualisation. As a result of a great team work with Catharina I composed the music for the tool.
At the moment the project is being evaluated.
More information comming up.

”VARA HÄR” (Being Here)

”Vara här” is a music performance where dance, call-response song and play emphasizing both the value of listening and communicating with people around you. Our new songs, mixed with short stories touching upon themes concerning how we - via “being here” in rhythm, harmony and tension can interact with respect and care for each other. The music is an unique aestehtic power that by moving our senses connects the individual to the community and its surroundings.
To all of you from all of all of us: Sofi Hellborg, Sal Dibba og Kirsti Øibakken Pedersen in cooperation with Musik i Syd.

Debutalbum by Kirsti Meiers

The first harvest of Kirsti Meiers songs.
Stylewise somewhere between singersongwriter and at times a hint of punkish folk.

Kirsti Meiers: Fender Rhodes, vocal, RC505 looper and harmomium.
Guest musicians: Sofi Hellborg, Saxofon
Sanna Martin: Cello
Composition, arrangement, recording and mix by Kirsti Meiers
Mastered by Jens Lodén.