BMGIM reducerad pris

Training on the last level of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery And Music (BMGIM) programme led by Expressive Arts,  Margareta Wärja, Stockholm Sweden.
This Scandinavian Level III programme is being taught in conjunction with Lars Ole Bonde, Bolette Daniels Beck, Ellen Thomasen, Kia Blom Mårtensson & Svein Fuglestad.
BMGIM is a music-centered depth approach to transformational therapy that uses selected sequences of classical music to support the generation of and movement through inner experiences. In GIM, the music serves as a catalyst and container for imagery that allows one to access and explore both the depths and the heights of the human experience.

My supervisor is Katarina Mårtensson Blom Licensed Psychologist, Licenced Psychotherapist, PhD

I offer trainee sessions in Malmö and Lund for a reduced price.

For enquiries regarding booking BMGIM sessions:
+46 738131440