Kort om mig:
Dansk / norsk, malmöbosatt musiker och master i musikterapi från Aalborg Universitet (DK) och går sista året på efterutbildningen som musikpsykoterapeut i metoden The Bonny Method Of Guided Imagery And Music (BMGIM), där jag tar emot klienter. Följ denna länk för mera information.
Kliniker på det skandinaviska forskningsprojektet Music and Imagery in Child Oncology (MICO) som förväntas implementeras på barnonkologiavdelningen i Lund, hösten 2018 under ledning av forskningsledare  Ilan Sanfi. Mera om MICO här.
Musiken har jag alltid haft med mig. På olika sätt har den alltid varit en del av mitt liv och arbetsliv. Tidigt utbildade jag mig till musikterapeut, i flera omgångar och nu senast får jag arbeta ännu tätare med den, via metoden Guided Imagery and Music. De två spår som musiker och musikterapeut går parallellt i mitt liv och tillför varandra nya perspektiver på liv och berättande.

Since I was a child I have been occupied with making music. It has always been my best friend and from time to time my savior.
Working so close with this medium and doing it every day is crucial to my life. Experiencing the strength of music and the impact it has on other peoples lives – whether it is in a therapeutic or more ”every day sense” – lifts my soul.

Musicking together in one or the other way or another; singing with the elderly or with a groups of kids, improvising for the fun of it together, listening together, playing together, listening to music in the car together, performing on stage being alone but together with the audience, or experiencing at a concert, makes me realize that Music is the only medium I know of that can join people together creating a sense of non-verbalised connectedness and mutual understanding. The only medium I know of that can frame, depict and deepen a situation and reach paths and beyond where no words will ever go.
Quite young I was accepted at the music therapy program at the University of Aalborg and what I already knew about the power of music was put into techniques and deeper understanding of the dynamics of the the field.
These elements, I realize more and more, are deeply present in what ever musical activity I engage in. I always seem to pay a lot attention to how the music can create a joint moment – connections between people, ways into people, connections that makes us share or somehow communicate the premises of our existence; connections that makes us open our eyes for new stories being told without words.

Somehow I think that music is all about (re)connecting with our selves and through that to the world around us.


2017-2019: Scandinavian Level III Education in Bonny Method in Guided Imagery and Music.
Head of Education Margareta Wärja, Lars Ole Bonde, Bolette Daniels Beck, Svein Fuglestad, Ellen Thomasen & Kia Blom Mårtensson
2017: Level II Bonny Method of Guided Imagery And Music (BMGIM). Clinical and Theoretical studies developed and managed by Lars Ole Bonde & Ellen Thomasen. Copenhagen, Denmark
2005 – 2009: Master of Arts, Music Therapy, Aalborg Universitet, Denmark
1997 – 2000: Bachelor of Arts, Music Therapy, Aalborg Universitet, Denmark

Grants & Scholarships

The Louis Armstrong Thanks To Scandinavia Training Program in Music Therapy in Medicine, 2018
Kugl Musikaliska Akademien, Olo-Birgit Jeppsons Fond För Musikterapi, 2018
Swedish Arts Council. Music composition “Vattenmamman”, Theatre Sagohuset, Lund, 2015
New Organizers // Nya Arrangörer. For establishing ELEKTRA network for contemporary electronic art and dance music, 2015
The city of Malmö Arts council support. ELEKTRA Workshops & Concerts, 2014
Swedish Arts Council. Music Composition “Kirsten, om rätten till att välja sitt eget liv”, 2014
The City of Malmö Arts Council Support. ELEKTRA Workshops & Concerts, 2013
Swedish Organisation of new Music promotors (RANK)´s Artist in Motion Award. For COME PLAY WITH ME! An Interactive Piano Constellation, 2012
Danish Broadcasting Cooperation (DR)´s Syngelystfonden. SOS! Sange Over Sundet (SOS!) / (Songs Across The Sea) A Scandinavian Music and Puppet show for children, 2011
Nordic Culture Fund. SOS! Sange Over Sundet (SOS!) / (Songs Across The Sea), 2011
The Clara Lachmann Fund. SOS! Sange Over Sundet (SOS!) / (Songs Across The Sea), 2011